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focusing on density meters based on the oscillating U-tube principle

A Virtual Journey through Time

Developing Precise Measuring Devices — A Story with Ups and Downs.

A Virtual Journey through Time

Labor für Messtechnik Dr. Hans Stabinger

a little history

  • Our company deals exclusively with researching and developing devices for measuring liquid properties. Our main focus lies on the continuous further development of density meters based on the oscillating U-tube principle, which we have engaged in since 1965.

    As a second main area, we develop measuring devices for determining the sound velocity in liquids on the basis of which the first measuring device for original extract in beer production was introduced in 1985. The measurement procedure for determining the hematocrit level in blood during dialysis, which we developed, is also based on measuring sound velocity.

    The Stabinger Viscometer, which has been developed as from 1997, successfully stood the test on the market only after a few years.

  • Our strength is to go all the way from the initial idea to developing a measuring device ready for series production. The workshop for prototypes and the high standard of our testing laboratory allowed us to create prototypes ready for serial production with all required specifications in-house.
  • Right from the beginning, Anton Paar GmbH in Graz-Straßgang has been the exclusive licensee for producing and marketing the density, sound, and viscosity meters developed by our company. This cooperation was terminated in 2014 but the exclusive licence is still in place until the end of January 2018.
  • The dialysis application is marketed under licence by the company Fresenius Medical Care.
  • In 2014, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company “Labor für Messtechnik”.

    For a commemorative publication on the occasion of this anniversary, please follow this link.

for more than 45 years

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How to find the lab

Dr. Robert Graf Straße 6, Austria 8010 GRAZ

Please bear in mind that you can access the laboratory (Mettler Toledo Graz) only from Waltendorfer-Hauptstraße across the parking lot of the supermarket BILLA. The building is located right behind the market.